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Frequent Questions

We present to you a summary of the most frequent questions we receive regarding our area, accommodation, etc.

Is Methana an interesting tourist destination worth to spend some days for my vacation?

To the word Vacations, each person gives his own interpretation according to his needs, what he lacks and wishes to find in the destination he chooses to spend the precious time of his Vacation. If what you want is intense nightlife, these -photographs next to celebrities, etc., you will be disappointed by Methana is the truth..

Methana is an ideal destination for lovers of authentic holidays in pure volcanic Nature, very close to Athens, an “almost island” without the cost of ferry tickets, with the simplicity of authentic performances given daily by our rich local fauna!

With price lists of products and services ‘friendly’ to the average Greek family and today’s reality, you will certainly not leave here “scratched” or unscathed, maybe not particularly low as we all would like to have, but very close to the best, and just in case ideal,quality/value ratio. In Methana, you will undoubtedly take a “trip back in time”, without having to enter a time capsule, just come to Methana! It is also named as the “Cuba” of Saronic islands, an unpretentiously authentic and well-preserved destination. Come while it still remains like this. It’s only a matter of time!

How far is the sea from the accommodation?

The sea is only 100 meters away. It is a crystal clear sea, with a pebbly beach, with plenty of fish and the absence of dangerous undersea currents. We provide our visitors with free sunbeds and beach umbrellas. It is a perfect suggestion for a quick morning dip before breakfast or
for those who are into fishing. For those who want beaches with sand, the beach of St. George, very close to us, is ideal for small children and older people with mobility problems. It has shade and showers. For those who want an organized quiet beach with catering services, Methana
has two options, about 7 km from Cavo Petra.

I really want to make a reservation but I’m not familiar with the internet or I don’t use a credit card. How else can the reservation be made?

You can make a reservation either by direct payment in advance to a bank account or by telephone during working days and hours. In the case of telephone service, a valid credit card is required for your reservation.

The comments and reviews on the internet are contradictory and I have a hard time what to believe. Why is this happening ?

It is a fact that there is no service product, on a global level, that completely satisfies its customer base to a very large extent. The reasons are many and impossible to develop here. How each person evaluates a service or product is their inalienable democratic right.
However, Democracy as a good does not always go hand in hand with the good of Education… We are sorry that we did not manage to live up to the expectations that some of our visitors may have had or will have in the future! We do not take anything for granted and we consciously seek to improve, both through specialized Seminars that we constantly participate in, as well as through your well-intentioned observations and recommendations to us. Regarding the first part of the question, we suggest that you trust your friends who have visited us and know you well and are in a position to recommend it to you regardless of your appearance. For those of you who haven’t visited us yet, we suggest you trust your instincts and judgement.

When is the ideal period to stay in Cavo Petra?

Actually, there is no “ideal period” to have a good time! As soon as you find time, some money and availability (essential), take your company and come! So simple… Our accommodation has all the prerequisites for you to have a good time at all times of the year, regardless of the
weather or social conditions. Here you will find the “shelter” that we all desperately seek

What should I bring with me?

Absolutely necessary only ! We suggest a short list containing the following:

Never the other way around!

Will we need any means of transport to come to Cavo Petra?

Not required, just recommended for your convenience. Greece is famous for many things, but not for public transport services.

For those coming from abroad, we recommend renting a vehicle with pickup/delivery from the airport. For those coming by boat, we provide you with free mooring at Agios Georgios or at the port of Metano. Possibility of taxi service, rental cars, scooters or bikes and e-bicycles in Cavo Petra

Why should I choose your accommodation?

Basically, because we like to meet and bring joy to unique and gifted people! In addition to..

Cavo Petra is not just “sea view rooms”. Those who have this opinion, we do not share it and it is clearly not what we want for our customers. Cavo Petra is a combination of many factors to ensure you quality and carefree holidays, far from small or bigger everyday problems, miserable situations and negative factors. Selectively located in the center of the peninsula, close to the current points of tourist interest (sea, thermal spring Pausania, Volcano, Antiquities) it is famous for the absolute relaxation experience it offers. Here you can relax 24/24 if you wish or if your body needs it! Our accommodation has been chosen for accommodation by some of the most
famous well-wishers and financially strong people on the planet! We are honored that they chose us, despite the abundant options they have…

The handwritten comments of appreciation in our Guest Book are our greatest “inheritance”! By choosing Cavo Petra for your stay, you also contribute in order that: